Next Level Vocabulary

Next Level English Vocabulary was created for all students who want to truly extend their vocabulary, learn English and progress to the 'next level'. This app was created also for advanced students, who already know English well and who want to improve even more.

Another app? Really?

The program records your answers and it is based on spaced repetition learning method, which enables you to learn and remember a lot of words. Every flashcard has a detailed explanation including synonyms and example use in sentences. You have the app with you all the time and you can use every spare moment to learn and progress a bit more.

Just few main features ...

- 25 000 flashcards incl. pronunciation
- three types of flashcards (Czech, English, Audio only)
- multiple translations for every card
- human pronunciation for most words (American accent)
- Part Of Speech for every flashcard
- and the list goes on ...

Create your own flashcards?

No problem! You can create and import your own vocabulary. You can create new flashcards online or you can import them from an MS Excel file. You can create your own lessons combining your specialty words and vocabulary in already in the dictionary. The app is flexible and it will let you ppairsss to the 'next level' fast.

Do you want to start learning?

(below are few more reasons why you will enjoy learning English)
Flashcard Flashcards with pronunciation 
Every flashcard has pronunciation. Most flashcards have human audio recording, the remainting flashcards will be played using Text-To-Speech.
Practice types Innovative exercises
You can choose to learn using more than seven different types of innovative games. You can choose to learn different way every day any you will enjoy every new lesson, because learning is no longer boring.
MyLessons My lessons
You can create your own lessons of you can download lessons shared by other users. You can create custom lesson frou your course book and learn it as frequently as you want. You can temporarily and effectively boost your knowledge and learn for your next test or next course lesson.
MyLessons Your flashcards
Import your own flashcards with specialized vocabulary or with translations exactly the same as in your course book. You can import new flashcards from MS Excel file or you can create them online.
Intensive practice Intensive practice
This practice will progressively increase word repetitions. This allows you to learn more words quicker, because words are displayed in very short intervals and each flashcard is displayed multiple times in each learning cycle by design.
Multiple Choice Multiple choice
This is a test classic - you have to select from four answers and only one option is correct.
Spelling Spelling
Spelling is one of the most difficult practice for learning vocabulary. You can choose from one of the three spelling levels. the options include the Game of Hangman, spelling bee like practice and one more practice in between these two. why don't you try them out?
Mix&Match Mix&Match
Your task is to match word pairs and their translations. English words are always displayed in the left column and the goal is to match all the pairs.
Scroll&Peek Scroll&Peek
This is the most flexible practice; All flashcards are displayed in a long list and you have multiple ways to check and improve your proficiency. You can peek at the translation holding the row, swipe to display more content or tap to show the whole text.

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